Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle (70 Mpa high-pressure FCVs, EC79)
FITOK 20D Series Double Ferrule Tube Fittings EC79 Compliant, up to 20000 psi (1379 bar)

For decades, Hydrogen has been safely used in a variety of applications, such as petroleum refining, glass purification, semiconductor manufacturing, fertilizer production, aerospace applications, as a cooler for powerplant generators, etc.
New applications for Hydrogen are emerging, such as using it as an alternative fuel. Recently, more and more auto manufacturers are developing fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) powered by hydrogen gas. Types of FCVs include industrial trucks (35Mpa) and passenger cars (70Mpa). These vehicles create new technological challenges for high pressure gas system designers. Small-molecule gases are more difficult to seal than liquids. How fittings and tubing are handled during installation makes a difference in sealing performance.
FITOK 20D Series Double Ferrule Type Tube Fittings are designed and manufactured to be secure and gas-tight. They can be installed by wrench turns or pre-assembled by presetting tools (manual/hydraulic). Their mechanical grip design allows for easy installation and ensures that no torque is transmitted to the tubing during installation.

Installation Comparison
Coned and Threaded Fittings
FITOK 20D Series Tube Fittings (formerly known as DHL Series)
Assembly Preparation
 Coning Tools

 Threading Tools

 Reseating Tools

 Cutting Oil

(O.D. 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”)
Assembly Process Coning, threading and special cleaning
1 ¼ turn easy assembly operation, experienced a 70-80% reduction of assembly work compared to cone and thread
After Assembly
Difficult to clean the residual cutting oil in the fitting body and tubing
Ready to use!

FITOK is continuously expanding its product certifications to EC 79 standards for use in hydrogen applications, with respect to the test program below:

Please contact us directly online or contact your nearest authorized distributor for more details!
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