A Customized Approach for Your Sampling Process (Sampling Systems)
A sampling system, also known as a sampler, is a complete system for collecting a representative sample from industrial processes. Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes, and the increased environmental awareness, the requirements for product analysis and the safety practices continue to increase. What used to be a very simple and primitive way of sampling, has evolved into a safer and more reliable closed-loop sampling system. 
FITOK offers two kinds of sampling systems according to the difference of container: bottle configuration sampling systems and cylinder configuration sampling systems.

For bottle configuration sampling systems, the sample is drawn into the sample bottle at atmospheric pressure.
For cylinder configuration sampling systems, the sample is drawn into the sample cylinder at process pressure.
Advantages of FITOK Sampling Systems
     ■ Safer for the operator 
     ■ Safer for the sample
     ■ Safer for the environment
Easy operation
     ■ Easy maintenance
     ■ Economical
     ■ Customization

Why FITOK Sampling Systems?
With 20 plus years’ experience in designing, producing and manufacturing Instrumentation Valves and Fittings, our engineers have complete knowledge of the material compatibility, thermodynamics, welding practices and mechanical structure design. In addition, the same high quality products that FITOK has been producing over the last 20 years, are used to build each FITOK Sampling System.

With technical experts in Europe, China, and the U.S.A., our local teams are able to work closely, to better understand your requirements and process. Whether you have an existing design specification or you need one to be developed, our team can and will deliver.
Our technical experts are happy to provide our support even if all you have is an idea or a preliminary drawing.

Below are the resources and support which will help to create your own Sampling System:
    ■ Sampling System Introduction Software
Streamlined, Application Questionnaire for selecting the correct FITOK Sampling System for each application
    ■ P&ID
    ■ CAD drawings (2D & 3D)
Component and material selection (including sourcing the best parts from our supply chain, as needed)
    ■ Full customizable capabilities on any system requirements
    ■ Quick delivery and personal service

Please leave a message if you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Send us an application questionnaire to get started with your sampling system.
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