FITOK E-Catalog
FITOK E-Catalog
FITOK E-Catalog is the official APP of FITOK Group, it is designed to assist you in finding FITOK product catalogs and provide a Cv Calculator to calculate the flow or flow coefficient.

FITOK E-Catalog allows easy access to product catalogs. Now no matter where you are, with FITOK E-Catalog in your phone, you will have a direct connection to the latest product information and a way to share information faster than ever before. No need to carry hardcopy catalogs anymore.You can also search your desired products by catalog name or part number with our one tap search feature. This function enables the prompt retrieval of your desired information.

The App also provides a Cv calculator for your convenience to calculate the flow or flow coefficient based on a set of user-specified application parameters. You just select a media, enter your data, and the calculator will do the rest, quickly helping you to determine the flow capacity you need.

FITOK E-Catalog is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. Download it for your phone now.
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